Bernard Hickie is a Dublin based Garden and Landscape Designer and Greensman to the film industry.


Since setting up his design & consultancy practice in 2000 Bernard has worked on both large & small scale private garden projects in Ireland and as far afield as San Francisco, Majorca, Ibiza and the South of France. As a Greensman he has also created incredible scenes for many popular movie productions, commercials and documentaries in Ireland, the UK and Malta.


With an approach and style that has been described as ' bold, innovative and stylish ', Bernard collaborates with the best architects,

interior designers and clients to create seamless transitions from interior spaces to outside spaces.


Bernard's work has been featured in garden books, gardening magazines and newspaper features over the years and he has an established reputation as a talented designer,

versatile in style and with a strong knowledge and appreciation of the natural aesthetic .


His film, scene and stage work includes productions such as the Beckett on Film series, The Count of Monte Cristo, Asterix, God Save Britannia and more recently, Dracula.